Palača Dešković

The Palace history

The four-star hotel Dešković Palace is a renovated family palace. It is a registered cultural monument that has been reconstructed and refurbished using art-conservation and restoration methods for both the interior and exterior.

The construction of this late Renaissance palace began in 1467; today the tower and embrasures remain. The construction continued throughout the 17th and 18th centuries and the shape hasn't been changed since.

Pučišća, island of Brač

The village Pućišća is situated within the many bays of the north coast. The hills on the island are thickly wooded above farmland valleys.

The island history can be traced through the archeological record - from the graves of the first inhabitants of Brač, the Illyrians, who probably gave the island its name (brentos means deer), then the Greeks, whom Illyrians traded with, mostly living in the interior of the island as shepherds, to the Romans who opened the first quarries (to build the Diocletian Palace), and were the ones who shifted the life from the interior of the island to the coast where they built ville rustiche in small bays.

In the early Christian age, during the 6th and 7th centuries, early Christian churches, early Croatian basilicas and monasteries were built.

In the 7th century Brač was inhabited by the refugees from Salona, and in Middle-Ages by Croatians and the Neretva people. All settlements were in the interior of the island, and the people were farmers, shepherds and foresters (the Brač oak is a very famous species).

In the 9th century, Brač was ruled by the Neretvans, and in the 10th century they were under the rule of King Tomislav. In the 12th century the island was threatened by Omiš pirates, and in 1278 it was taken over by Venice. The island came back under the control of a Croatian-Hungarian king in 1358.

After many turbulent changes of rule Brač was taken over by Venice between 1420 and 1797. The Venetians came to an agreement with both the pirates and the Turks. After this the Venetians started building villages on the coast. Simultaneously Pućišća was founded and 13 small forts were built as a defense. Seven of the forts can still be seen. The first built fort, kaštel Pinezić (Pinesij, Pinesio, Pinesius), dating from 1467, was incorporated into the palace.

Welcome to the island of Brač, the island of outstanding beauty, culture and history.